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Welcome to the Epic-Havoc |EH| Community! We try to offer our members the best possible game servers, tools and support. If you have any questions or feedback feel free to contact us! Public Teamspeak: ts3.epic-havoc.de Everybody is welcome - Join Us Now and don't forget to like us on Facebook!

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Hey Guys,

finally we get our Partnership with MMOGA, please use this link if u need some new games at a good price ;)



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Hey Guys,

we startup again with a new Battlefield 4 server, we hope to meet some of our old friends online again ;)



Happy Fraggin

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Hey Guys, we terminated all our servers because we admins had to mutch to do on work and private things ! We now set up a new DayZ origins server and this will be the only one in the next time ! we hope u all enjoy the time on our different servers and will have a look on the new origins or maybe on some other of our projekt´s in the future. We say thanks to all our user´s, it was a nice time with u all and we hope we can get some more of them as soon as possible ! ;)

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